Wednesday, 25 November 2015
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We're a marketing communications agency, which, being fully in tune with today's ever increasing advertising and marketing opportunities, refuses to be straight-jacketed by terms like advertising agency, design agency, digital agency, or similar obvious tags.

Because even though we have a wealth of experience spanning more than 15 years in all areas of the advertising industry, our ability to consider a much wider picture has always been the cornerstone of our service to clients.

What you get at JDM Collective Media

  • Years of experience and knowledge at no extra charge.
  • Lower advertising fees, because of our ability to advertise in bulk.
  • One stop marketing service, so no more time wasted trying to call different people.
  • Professional recommendations as to where to advertise.
  • We also advise against over advertising.
  • We even keep advertising marketers off your back...
  • We make sure all your artwork and designs are up to standard and up to date with the latest advertising standards.

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Many agencies claim to be a full service or integrated agencies. In reality, most are only equipped to deal with integrated advertising campaigns, not with marketing communication in its wider sense.

At JDM Collective Media, we consistently provide integrated solutions in what we believe to be the true sense of the term; total campaigns, created by multi disciplined project teams working in one agency.

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Why go to an Advertising Agency in South Africa

Through the years, the advertising industry has grown so rapidly that it became a speciality field on its own, and with good reason. The fact of the matter is, there is no way you can stay connected and in tune with your business while spending so much attention on the one thing that is actualy supposed to make you money and not waist your valuable time...

Ask yourself the question:

Did you ever hear an advertising medium like Radio or any other tell you; "You know what sir, we are actually not the right Radio Station for your product, this product would do much better at station X. You will get more response and it will save you money to use on another marketing mediums"

We always say that we create wealth through advertising, because the more money you make through advertising, the more your business will grow and the more you will advertise with us.


Media buying and execution for press, magazines, radio, TV, outdoor posters, leaflet inserts and direct mail.


Design and digital artwork for print, brochures, advertising, outdoor, point of sale, packaging, tender presentations, exhibition stands, corporate identity.


Website design and development, email broadcast design and production, online page turning e-brochures, e-catalogues, and e-magazines, and more...